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Show Kids They Count When You Show Them You Really Care!

PowerLink has an ever-changing, always growing team of dedicated volunteers who believe in our mission and share the passion to reach kids.

Sometimes, all it takes is a smile, a hug or a little bit of encouragement to make a kid’s day and even change a life! PowerLink volunteers help us run games, serve up food and teach kids about the Bible. But the most important thing they do is spend one-on-one time with the children we minister to. They are positive, real-life examples of Jesus and His church.

Anyone Can Be a PowerLink Volunteer!

But it helps if you have some of these qualities…

  1. A Heart for Children: You should love kids!
  2. A Little Patience: Sometimes you’ll need it.
  3. A Sense of Humor: That means you aren’t afraid to act kind of silly.
  4. A Willingness to Get Messy: It tends to happen at PowerLink’s outreaches

Learn More About Volunteering with PowerLink Ministries

If you’d like to become a volunteer with PowerLink, we’d love to have you. The first thing we recommend is visiting one of our local outreaches to get a better feel for what we do.

Use the email form below to find out when and where we will be ministering in the near future. Occasionally, we take time off for trips overseas and seasonal breaks. Let us know you’re interested and we’ll let you know our upcoming schedule.

For Youth Pastors and Church Groups

During the summer months, we sometimes work directly with youth groups or specific churches in the Green Bay area. If you are a leader who’d like to team up with PowerLink, please email us so we can talk more about it.

We’ve found it can be especially rewarding to train teenagers in children’s ministry. This is one way we carry out our mission to Mentor Young Leaders. The experience benefits both the kids and teens!

Email Us Today!