God has called us to link unreached children and their families with the love of the heavenly Father, the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the power to live by the Holy Spirit.

We Carry Out the PowerLink Mission in These Three Ways:


1. Local Outreach in Northeast Wisconsin

Our first area of focus is local outreach in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area.

PowerLink transformed a big box-truck into a church on wheels!

When we hit the streets, we reach kids and families that may rarely – if ever – enter the walls of a church building.

It’s a unique experience that brings the Gospel to life!

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2. Training and Mentoring Young Leaders

Another desire we have is to develop young leaders and mentor them to stay involved in evangelism to children.

That means kids ministering to other kids!

We have always included young people in our outreach efforts. Some of those young people started as kids attending PowerLink and today they are volunteering with us!

We hope to give them not just a seasonal experience but also a life-changing attitude so they can make a difference for the kids in any community they may be a part of.

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3. Training Children’s Workers Overseas

FullSizeRenderAn area of PowerLink that has seen incredible growth in recent years is the chance to work children’s ministry workers in other nations.

The call from leaders overseas who desire training in children’s ministry has been strong and it is evident the Lord’s hand is in it all.

We plan on continuing to build relationships and training programs for leaders in countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cuba, India, and Bangladesh in the years to come.

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