What started with children in our own community has grown into an international ministry. When we say “All Kids Count,” we mean kids in every nation around the world.

Our work overseas has become a major focus of the PowerLink Mission. But we don’t fly into a country, put on a show, and simply leave.

Our strategy is to work with the people in different areas of the world who are doing the same thing we are back in Green Bay, Wisconsin – reaching the unreached!

We teach and train by sharing ideas and outreach material. We support the people ministering to the lost and find out what they truly need to be more successful.

Through our partnership with Dennis Nonnemacher of Going Global Inc. we have been able to connect with churches, orphanages, schools and children’s ministry workers in five different nations. Expect that number to keep growing!

Here’s a look at what PowerLink has accomplished overseas:

Andaman Islands

One of our latest ventures took place in a little-known group of islands off of India.

We witnessed the great work being done there at an unfinished orphanage, which began construction after the deadly tsunami hit Southeast Asia in 2004. Through your giving, PowerLink was able to contribute towards the completion of the orphanage.

There is also a need to support a TV ministry in the Andaman Islands, including programming for kids. Plus, we can keep children in school by helping kids get supplies and pay for tuition. We plan to return to the Andaman Islands to hold children’s ministry training and outreaches


No matter how many restrictions and embargos there are, you can’t stop the love and hope of Jesus Christ from spreading!

We have been able to teach and train children’s workers in Cuba as well as provide them with special material.

That includes financing the translation of a children’s ministry curriculum and a discipleship course for kids known as “The Mailbox Club.” All of this is now in their hands thanks to the fact that people like you continue to support PowerLink. There is also an opening to give towards a sports outreach program in Cuba. Baseball is an extremely popular sport in the country.


PowerLink has helped enhance outreach efforts in Bangladesh by giving workers resources like music and puppets to use, as well as audio and video equipment.

Along with Going Global, we organized and held leadership training conferences for children’s workers, and continue to support a network of children’s ministries. Generation Bangladesh is working with dedicated ministries all over the country. Through your giving towards PowerLink’s missions efforts, we’ve been able to contribute to the purchase of land. It will be used to build a safe facility for training and kids’ camps.

PowerLink supports camps bringing the Gospel to unreached kids alongside Compassion International.


Vietnam is one of the first countries PowerLink ever visited. Our experiences there helped to shape our vision for Overseas Training.

Your giving has allowed PowerLink to bring its own brand of children’s ministry to the people of Vietnam.

That has included the translation and publishing of a children’s curriculum. We’ve also provided workers who need to travel with motorbikes that keep them on the road! PowerLink continues to support ministry leaders in Vietnam who train up new workers and hold outreaches throughout the country.


Myanmar (also known as Burma) is a country torn apart by military rule and an ongoing struggle for freedom. It’s also another one of PowerLink’s original ventures into missions.

We continue to keep in touch with fellow children’s workers there, and are supporting special projects connected to an orphanage in the country.

That includes “The Chicken Project,” which provides the orphanage with a source of income as well as meat and eggs for the kids who live there.

With your help, PowerLink also gives toward an annual Christmas outreach to Buddhists and others in the region. Every year the orphanage opens its doors to neighbors. People are fed and hear the Christmas message while thousands are given gifts!

Thank you for being faithful to PowerLink! Your prayer and support is changing the world!