PowerLink firmly believes that it is important to leave the confines of a church building and head out into the mission field that is in our own backyard. That’s the first step in fulfilling The Great Commission. It all starts here at home!

Here’s How We Do it:

The 4 Things

PowerLink teaches kids the “Good News” through four basic principles of faith:

God made message of salvation and sanctification extremely simple. That means it’s easy for kids to understand. The 4 Things explain the Gospel in a nutshell.

The Pledge

Besides bringing kids the good news of Christ, PowerLink also teaches things like respecting authority, honesty, and being a good friend.

Every week the Pledge of Allegiance is recited and the American Flag is put on display.

We do this so kids will learn to love and honor their country.



The Bible Story

Bible stories and preaching are mainstays at every PowerLink service. We want kids to start hiding scripture in their hearts and applying those lesson to their everyday lives.

But it’s much more than just telling the story!

We make it an interactive experience, often bringing kids up to the front to act out the scriptures, making the Bible come to life for those watching and participating.


The Games

PowerLink would not be complete without all of the crazy games we play. Whether it’s a relay race, pie eating contest, or scripture memory game, we always have a good time!

The purpose is to show kids that church doesn’t have to be boring!

It’s no secret that kids love to get up and move. Our zany games like “Pass the Chicken” are a great way to burn a little energy and have a few laughs.


Pumped Praise

At PowerLink we think that when we praise God, it should always be fun! After all, the Bible tells us to “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”

That’s why every week we have what we like to call Pumped Praise!

Kids sing, dance, and have a great time learning how to worship. The music is upbeat and interactive while the songs are uplifting and positive.



powerlink visitationVisitation

PowerLink strives to reach kids on their own turf, this means in their neighborhoods, as well as their homes. That is why visitation is a very important aspect of the ministry. It also allows us to develop a stronger relationship with some families.

We believe our job doesn’t end after PowerLink packs up the truck and leaves the park. Outreach continues by becoming involved in the lives of those touched by our ministry.