PowerLink Ministries was founded by Karl and Amy Steinbrinck in the fall of 2000.

Their vision is to reach children in the unreached areas of Green Bay while encouraging children’s ministry efforts around the world.

Karl and Amy have been working with young people for nearly three decades. They have ministered to both children and teenagers as pastors in Wisconsin and Utah.

Over the years, their vision has grown. Today the Steinbrincks are more committed than ever to reaching kids and supporting those who minister to children locally and internationally. Many of the young people and volunteers they’ve worked with have gone on to lead their own ministries.

PowerLink is not associated with any certain church or denomination.

Instead we are supported by a variety of individuals who are dedicated to reaching the lost, and believe in the idea that ALL KIDS COUNT!

PowerLink is unique in that it works outside the walls of a building by using a large box truck that converts into a “church” on the move.

It comes complete with a fold-down platform, sound system, and all the tools necessary to bring the church wherever there are kids.

PowerLink travels to a number of different area parks and ministers out of the truck.

Throughout the year Powerlink also travels to other countries to train, mentor and encourage others to reach out to children. We believe it is important to give those who work with kids around the world the tools and knowledge to be effective.

Discover even more about what we do when your check out The PowerLink Mission.